Bowling Nationals Day One

Bowling Nationals Day One

Coach Li and the Timberwolves traveled west to Buffalo to take on an extremely competitive field of NJCAA National Championship contenders this weekend. They put up an excellent showing on day one holding onto the 9th spot after the doubles event, singles event and 3 of 6 games of the team event. 

The doubles event was eventful as there was a 30 minute delay on the final frame of the final game due to technical issues that eventually forced the Timberwolves top doubles pairing, Adrien Hollister and Michael Boyce, to bowl the game over following the singles games. Hollister and Boyce fought through the controversial ruling to finish 11th in the nation with both putting up 537 3 game scores. Hollister bowled 181, 199 and 157 in the delayed game. Boyce bowled 188, 182 and 167 in the delayed game. 

The Timberwolves second pairing, Cody Seaver and Gervais Edwards finished 33rd overall. Seaver bowled 130, 140 and 209 as he came on strong to finish the event. Edwards bowled 158, 174 and 134. The Timberwolves third pairing, Alex King and Joe Comitini, came in at 43rd. King bowled 146, 180 and 182 which was his top doubles event of his intercollegiate career at 508. Comitini bowled 139, 131 and 109. 

The singles event followed the doubles event and Michael Boyce led the way with a 34th place finish. The Timberwolves struggled to gain their form after a lane change and saw most of the team score lower than their doubles event. Boyce led with 204, 176 and 146. Cody Seaver bowled a 461 for 79th place, followed by Adrien Hollister at 81st and 457. Comitini and King brought in the 93rd and 94th places with 390 and 389 respectively and Edwards crossed the line at 97th with a 370. 

Following the doubles event, the teams bowled the first 3 of 6 team event games. Whatever Coach Li gave the Timberwolves for lunch worked like a charm because they came into the event sitting in the 11th position overall and slowly, but surely walked down Westmoreland and Fulton-Montgomery to finish the day in the top 10 for all events. 

Their first game came in at 836 to by pass Westmoreland, playing in the lanes to their left. They kept up the pace in the second game with an 871, but the atmosphere changed in the third game as they realized how close they were to passing up Fulton-Montgomery and reeled them in. Cody Seaver was clutch in the final game of the day as he reached into reservoir and emptied the tank. His 206 powered his team to overcome the Raiders and go into the second day in 9th place overall. 

The Timberwolves continue their National Championship drive on day two of the NJCAA Championship Tournament tomorrow. There will be the final 3 games of the team event and 9 games of baker to complete the culminating tournament.


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