Now Accepting Athletic Hall Of Fame Nominations

Now Accepting Athletic Hall Of Fame Nominations

The SUNY Adirondack Athletic Department is seeking nominations for the SUNY Adirondack Athletic Hall of Fame.  


To be eligible for membership, nominees must meet the following criteria:


1.  Athletes must have successfully completed at least one full season in a given sport, brought prestige and recognition to the college and either graduated from SUNY Adirondack or transferred to a four-year college or university where he/she received a bachelor's degree.

2.  Teams must have compiled a significant record of accomplishments at the regional and/or national level.

3.  Coaches must have compiled a significant winning record for a minimum of five complete seasons while contributing to the future success, either in college or employment, of the athletes who competed under his/her leadership.

4.  Associate members, administrators and contributors must have made special contributions to the quality, growth and reputation of SUNY Adirondack's intercollegiate athletic program at the community, state and/or national level.

5. A nominee must have been disassociated with the college by virtue of graduation, advancement in career or transfer to another institution of higher education for at least five years or have been disassociated with his/her coaching or administrative responsibilities for a period of five years.


The deadline for submission is June 1.


To nominate an athlete or coach, complete the online form HERE.